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Special Promotions and General Sales


The following texts provides customers with Set Point Technologies Terms and conditions for general sales and special promotions. Any feedback you may have would be appreciated.

All orders must be confirmed with a 50% deposit and 50% or balance when technicians arrive at site.

Installations are limited to back to back on all Heat Pump Specials that include up to 3 metres of pipework.

Generally, travel will be charged if site is further than 5 km from our Newmarket base.

All offers are subject to a final site check of site, location, power and position of indoor & outdoor units.

An additional electrical fee may be charged for wiring and a COC if a standard residential circuit is found to be insufficient for heat-pump install or if a dedicated circuit and RCD or MCB is required and needs to be fitted to the switch board – this is generally quoted in advance of the install.

If the outdoor compressor can not be mounted on a concrete base, an additional fee will be charged for a Polyslab, Plastic Rails or Steel Wall Brackets (approx $50 to $70).

Additional Terms & Conditions are included on and with the Sales Agreement – and by agreement where purchases are made via the Trademe Portal.

Warranty periods for Consumer or Business clients may vary across brands but is generally 3 to 5 years and warranty claims are generally made and held directly with the supplier of the brand.

These terms and conditions should be read in conjunction with The Consumer Guarantees Act 1993 and the Construction Contracts Act 2002 for domestic and business customers respectively.

Set Point Technology reserves the right to retain ownership of the property and products until the account is paid in full, when ownership and title will pass to the buyer.

SPT reserves the right to inspect the client site and add additional fees for work at height and where pipework is longer than 3 metres and / or non-standard.

Ask us for a PDF copy of our complete Summer Promotion with all models, options, sizes and conditions of sale.


Special Notes about fitting Wi-Fi Functionality to Heat Pumps


SPT is able to retro-fit WI-FI on most Mitsubishi & Daikin models with the exception of ceiling cassettes (download the demo App FREE from the Apple App Store “mitsubishi wi-fi control”). To configure Wi-Fi there is a fee of $150 per site over and above the installed price and we assume that a FULL strength Wi-Fi Signal will be found at the indoor unit – and this will generally be the case if the HP is installed in a lounge but not necessarily if it’s in a rear bedroom.

For us to add WI-Fi Operation to a Mitsubishi or Daikin Heat-Pump, there is a need to (A) add a small controller inside the HP (B) add the Heat Pump as a device on your home Wi-Fi network (C) configure the App on your i-phone or i-pad (or other device) that you should download from the Application Store.

Please check that your modem has (A) a WPS function or push-button on the front – to identify & locate the HP as a device and (B) that there is sufficient signal strength at the point your inside Heat Pump is located. A note from Wikipedia about WPS & the push-buttton method follows:

Push button method, in which the user has to push a button, either an actual or virtual one, on both the access point and the new wireless client device. Support of this mode is mandatory for access points and optional for connecting devices.

Please note that older modems that do not have the WPS/push-button function are and can be extremely difficult to configure and may require your network technician or support company to use a special password to ‘enter’ the ‘wireless modem/router’ to add the HP as a legitimate, valid and secure device.


As a matter of course, this is beyond our services and best endeavours when we offer our service of $150 to ‘Configure Wi-Fi’.


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