Design & Build

Designing Refrigeration and HVAC systems for domestic and commercial, tailored to New Zealand conditions

Refrigeration and HVAC technologies are constantly evolving. Set Point tech combine over 35 years of experience with a strong interest in new technology to design a system for you.

Set Point Tech also manage the installation process. Our technicians are as skilled at installing new HVAC, Ventilation, Refrigeration and Heat Pump systems as they are at maintenance and fault diagnosis.

Some of our systems include:

  • Supermarket Refrigeration, Cold Rooms Freezer Room
  • Heat Pumps HVAC Mechanical Services
  • Air Conditioning, Ventilation, Fume & Dust Control
  • Ventilation
  • Air Conditioning

Key Considerations

System performance and Safety are paramount at Set Point Tech. We factor these elements into every design.

  • Performance and Reliability
  • Functionality
  • Presentation
  • Energy usage
  • Warranty
  • Monitoring Equipment
  • Security
  • Back­up support
  • Local Building Standards compliance
  • Affordable payment structure

Smart Features

Set Point Tech provides modern features to assist ongoing service and maintenance and better risk management:

  • Wifi control access and monitoring.
  • Daily temperature reports sent your email. to comply with health and safety.
  • Sensors that trigger alarms in case of temperature rise / drop.

Latest Air Management Technology

Two exciting new areas of air management that we have experience with is WI­FI (tablet/phone based air control) and balanced air ventilation using energy recovery technology to improve the performance and reduce operating costs.

Whether you require a one ­stop shop or are already working with contractors, the team at Set Point Tech prides ourselves on being professional and approachable whilst delivering the best performing systems, designed for NZ conditions.

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