1. Carrier 25N-1 2.8 kW (Heating) $1742 installed (incl gst & B2B install with under 3 M of pipework and within 5 kM of Newmarket)
2. Daikin FTXS 20L 2.7 kW $2271
3. Toshiba N3KV10 3.2 kW $1949
4. Mitsubishi GE25VA 3.2 kW $2064
5. Mitsubishi Wi-Fi fitted to GE25VA 3.2 kW $2271 OR for a larger room, office or area that is well-insulated and approx 5 x 8 M in size
6. Carrier 45N-1 5.3 kW $2145
7. Mitsubishi GE42VA 5.4 kW $2467




New 2015 HIGH WALL SYSTEMS – Wi-Fi Capable

8. Daikin Zena FTXJ25PVMA 3.2 kW (White or Silver) $2620 – ADD D-Mobile Wi-Fi approx $500
9. Daikin Ururu FTXZ25NV1B 3.6 kW (White) $4054 – ADD D-Mobile Wi-Fi approx $500
10. Mitsubishi Designer MSZ-EF25VE 3.2 kW (White, Silver or Black) $2279 – ADD Wi-Fi approx $450
11. Panasonic CU-E07NKR 3.6 kW (White) $1969 – ADD ‘Pebble Wi-Fi’ approx $430


Ask us for a PDF copy of our complete Summer Promotion with all models, options, sizes and conditions of sale. Also ask us about the new Wi-Fi options on HPs and how the ‘Internet of Things’ is here today and able to help you save money, manage your work or home environment and lower the cost of your energy-spend!

SPT is able to retro-fit WI-FI on most Mitsubishi & Daikin models with the exception of ceiling cassettes (download the demo App FREE from the Apple App Store “mitsubishi wi-fi control” or “Daikin Mobile” – NOTE THAT Daikin SKY FI is a different App used for Ducted & Ceiling Cassettes very succesfully)

See Daikin: http://www.daikin.co.nz/product-solutions/split-systems/domestic-series

See Mitsubishi: http://www.mitsubishi-electric.co.nz/heatpump/group.aspx?cat=7988

See for Peeble on Panasonic or other brands: http://pebbleair.com/ – note that this product is an after-market kitset that can be fitted to almost any heatpump brand but that it is aPASSIVE/infrared concept and not ACTIVE or two-way Wi-Fi and able to communicate home temperatures or HP modes when you are out-of-home. We can provide a comparison sheet on request.

SPT reserves the right to inspect the client site and add additional fees for work at height and where pipework is longer than 3 metres and / or non-standard

For us to add WI-Fi Operation to a Mitsubishi or Daikin Heat-Pump, there is a need to (A) add a small controller inside the HP (B) add the Heat Pump as a device on your home Wi-Fi network (C) configure the App on your i-phone or i-pad (or other device) that you should download from the Application Store.

Please check that your modem has (A) a WPS function or push-button on the front – to identify & locate the HP as a device and (B) that there is sufficient signal strength at the point your inside Heat Pump is located. A note from Wikipedia about WPS & the push-buttton method follows:

Push button method, in which the user has to push a button, either an actual or virtual one, on both the access point and the new wireless client device. Support of this mode is mandatory for access points and optional for connecting devices.



Service & maintenance contracts within 5 km of our Newmarket Office:

1. Service & filter clean of first unit $110 and subsequent units $50 per (plus gst)*
2. Service & deep clean & Spray / check outdoor compressor $155 per (plus gst)*
3. Quarterly maintenance contracts – every 4th service is free when you sign up to a 24 month plan
4. Audit & Clean – generally a one-time visit, short technical report and maintenance check/clean of a ducted or up-to 3 Hi-wall systems $895 (our Technician will measure pre and post clean room & coil temperatures)

SPT reserves the right to inspect the client site and add additional fees for height work, services after-hours and installs where pipework is longer than 3 metres

Diagnostic and fault repair work is normally charged at an hourly rate and we are happy to consider residential, commercial and marine systems



For Rental Contracts within a 5 km of our Newmarket Office and minimum 3 week rental period

1. Carrier Portable Heat Pump 3.5 kW of Cooling $224 per week (plus gst)
2. There is a one-off charge of $150 to deliver and set-up unit (no drain or water holding tank required but a flexible duct of 100mm will need to be fitted out an adjacent window)
3. These are the latest, portable units in the market that will deliver exceptional cooling to hot offices and meeting rooms