SKV Inverter

Key Features

  • Enhanced 7-in-1 Filtration.
  • Latest Digital Hybrid Inverter technology for increased energy efficiency, optimised comfort and superior reliability.
  • One-touch Preset Memory: to recall your favourite settings.
  • Low Noise Level: operation at 20dB(A) (13k Model at ultra low speed, measured at 2.5 m distance.)
  • Hi-Power: lowers temperature and increases fan speed to get to the desired temperature faster.
  • One-touch Preset Memory
  • Washable Front Panel
  • 12 Step Louvre Positions
  • Auto Diagnostics and Self-cleaning Function




Innovative technology, ingenious features and attractive design – Toshiba’s SKV raises the standard of air conditioning yet again with a new level of comfort. Comfort comes with the whisper- quiet operation and optimum airflow management system, whilst the new filtration system allows you to breathe cleaner air.

Inverter Technology
The efficiency of an inverter air conditioner is determined by the efficiency of each component: the control electronics, the motor, and the compressor. Toshiba has focused its attention on all of these components.

The Mission? Improved air quality
Comfort in the home means much more than just controlling the temperature. Because of this, Toshiba is an excellent investment for the enhanced well-being of the family environment. One of Toshiba’s research objectives is the continuous introduction of new ways to eliminate air pollutants in the residential air conditioning sector.

Purity without Compromise
Toshiba’s 7-in-1 Filtration System helps stop airborne impurities from reaching you and your loved ones. Featuring coffee-bean extract, Vitamin C, Super Zeolite, Super Gingko and several other sophisticated filtration agents, this is technology for someone who cares enough to use the very best.

Self-Cleaning Process
When you turn off your air conditioner, an internal fan automatically activates to dry out the coil. This helps to reduce moisture which causes mould to form. 20 minutes of fan operation dries moist air after shut down, reducing mould formation.



Care for users

The benefits of Toshiba’s refined designs include flexibility in application, low operating sound levels, improved indoor air quality and all-around comfort. This comfort is a result of precise temperature control thanks to inverter technology. The inverter ensures that the required temperature of the occupant is reached quickly and is maintained – eliminating temperature fluctuations often experienced with non-inverter systems.

Remote Controls

  • One-touch Preset – The One-touch Preset memory allows the user to store their preferred comfort settings, and restore all of them at the simple touch of a button.
  • One-touch Auto Mode – Press the auto button to set the system into fully automatic mode. Your air conditioner will automatically choose the best settings to quickly achieve and maintain your desired temperature.
  • Five Selectable Fan Speeds plus Auto – Choose your desired airflow from the five fan speeds or select the Auto Fan Speed mode and let the air-conditioner select it for you.
  • Operating Modes – Select the Operating Mode: Cooling, Dry Mode (Dehumidification), Fan only, Heating (only for heat pump model) or Auto Change over.
  • Quiet Mode – By pressing the “Quiet” button on the remote control, the indoor unit will only operate at super low fan speed, reducing the sound of the indoor unit by 3db.
  • Auto Swing or Fixed Louvre Position – Select your preferred airflow distribution: “Fix” to choose any one of the 12 louvre positions that you prefer or “Swing”, to move smoothly between all positions for a comfortable air flow.
  • Real Time – On/Off Timer – Repeat Timer – The Real Time – On/Off Timer provides easy-to-set on and off operating times. The Repeat Timer allows for automatic repetition of the timer settings every 24 hours.
  • Auto Diagnosis – The unit is equipped with a 36 Code Auto Diagnosis system that constantly monitors all main functions and components of the system to enable maintenance scheduling.
  • Eco-logic – The Eco-logic mode achieves energy savings of up to 25% compared to the standard operation mode, whilst improving your comfort by automatically increasing the temperature setting.
  • Hi-Power – Select “Hi-Power” for extra airflow, to cool you faster than standard operation.
  • Comfort Sleep – The temperature during the night is normally cooler than during the day. By pressing the “Comfort Sleep” button (in cooling mode) the room temperature will be allowed to rise by one degree per hour for two or three hours, providing you with improved comfort whilst asleep.