1Temperzone ltd is a leading manufacturer, distributor and exporter of air conditioning and ventilation equipment throughout Oceania and Asia. As a Group it has an established network of sales offices, distributors and warehouses located in Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, P.R. China and Indonesia.

The company has its own comprehensive Research and Development facility for designing and testing new products in accordance with international standards. More than 25 graduate engineers are employed throughout the group to support the on-going programme for development, improvement, and customization of Temperzone equipment to meet evolving customer needs. Emphasis is placed on continuity and commitment with many Temperzone staff having celebrated over 25 years of service


About Temperzone

Chances are very high you’ve already experienced Temperzone air conditioning. They are New Zealand’s longest established manufacturer, exporter and distributor of air and water cooled air conditioners, ventilation equipment and air distribution systems.

Started in 1956, developing air conditioning for New Zealand’s unique subtropical climate. From there they expanded into countries throughout the Pacific Rim, continually innovating and improving their products.

You’ll have experienced Temperzone air conditioning in many of New Zealand’s busiest shopping malls and supermarkets, or in office buildings and hotels nationwide, like McDonalds, Metropolis Hotel and Auckland’s Sky City.

How has a company like Temperzone lasted since 1956? By meeting people’s needs and paying attention to the details. Every unit we make is tested and re-tested during manufacture and installation. If that’s not enough, our units are also covered by warranty.


Temperzone at a glance…


  • Founded in 1956, are well established
  • New Zealand owned and operated, they are a private company with Head Office based in Auckland.
  • There are over 500 Temperzone employees across the group.
  • Manufacturing quality air conditioning products from our factories in Auckland and Sydney sent around the world.
  • Diverse product range with something to suit almost every application
  • Local knowledge, expertise and backup service


Temperzone has the air conditioning system to suit your home.
For a complete home solution, ducted air conditioning provides year-round heating and cooling.


Temperzone Ducted Split Systems


  • Unobtrusive Design
  • Quiet Operation
  • Even Airflow


Commercial Air Conditioning


Temperzone gives your business the best atmosphere…

Concealed or under ceiling, split or packaged, small business or office complex – the comprehensive Temperzone range of air conditioning has the solution to suit.

The best form of air conditioning for your business will depend on factors including the building design and how space is used.



Temperzone Concealed Ducted Systems

Suit home or business

Unobtrusive design
Even Airflow
Quiet Operation

Temperzone Under ceiling Units

Suit business (commercial installation)

Easy installation
Economical solution
Convenient Control



Temperzone Rooftop Packaged Units

Suit business (commercial installation)

Suit large constructions
Highly adaptable
Minimal noise in air conditioned space



In New Zealand, Pacific Islands, and Asia only:

Computer Room Air Conditioners
Axial Fans
Air Distribution Products – grilles, diffusers, dampers and flexible ducting


To complement its range Temperzone is also the sole distributor for:

Hitachi Air Conditioners


To complement its range in New Zealand Temperzone is also the sole distributor for:

Hitachi Air Conditioners
Rosenberg Roof Vents and Axial and Plate-Mounted Fans
Elicent In-Line Centrifugal and Extract Fans
Nordmann Steam Humidifiers
Krantz Air Diffusers
Tecnair Data Centre Air Conditioners