Classic GE 70 High Wall

Large Room System // MSZ-GE71VA


Our Classic GE71 heat pump is designed for quietness, energy saving and elegance. Its high capacity makes it the perfect heat pump if you are looking to heat a large room or if you live in a frosty area and need a bit more power.

Cooling Capacity 7.1 kW

Heating Capacity 8.1 kW


Starting from barely a whisper, our Classic GE71 allows you to feel the warmth, not hear it. The GE range starts from a hushed 19dBA and contains New Zealand’s quietest heat pumps ever.

7 Day Controller

Allowing you to program up to four settings for each day of the week, you can come home to comfort without having to manually adjust the temperature. Perfect for anyone with a busy lifestyle, the 7 day controller is a great way to regulate your energy usage without compromising on comfort.

Superior Energy Efficiency

With cutting-edge inverter technology and the development of a high performance heat exchanger, the entire GE Series has earned the Energy Star® mark. Our i-save and Econo Cool modes are included on all GE models. i-save mode allows you to save temperature and fan speed combinations, returning to these at the touch of a button and Econo Cool provides maximum energy energy efficiency in cooling mode.