XPower Inverter Gold

XPower Inverter Gold 42NQV025M-A, 42NQV035M-A, 42NQV045M-A, 42NQV060M-A Outdoor 38NYV : 38NYV025M-A, 38NYV035M-A, 38NYV045M-A, 38NYV060M-A System 53NQV : 53NQV025M-A, 53NQV035M-A, 53NQV045M-A, 52NQV060M-A

Carrier Hi-Wall XPower Inverter air conditioners, reverse cycle with rated cooling capacities between 2.5kW ~ 6.0kW.

Features and Benefits

  • Advanced Air Flow
  • Superior Design
  • Reduced Noise Level
  • Five step filtration
  • 5 years part and labour warranty